When you’re home, you want to feel comfortable. However, when you have a pest problem it can be difficult to feel at ease. That’s where we come in. We can eliminate a variety of different pests.We have several locations across the United States. With our affordable rates, we can help make your home feel like home again.


OmniShield for Your Home

The Initial Service

Your first service is a comprehensive inside and outside service designed to flush ADULT pests from your home and begin to establish a barrier. Residential homes receive constant pressure from local pest populations, because insects and rodents need shelter, moisture, and food, which are all found in abundance around a home.

Egg Cycle Service

Your second visit will be 30-45 days after the initial treatment. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Example: For every adult flea in your home there may be up to 99 eggs waiting to hatch and infest your home. One female German roach carrying an egg sac can multiply into over 400,000 roaches in just one year under ideal conditions.

Maintaining a Barrier

Much like with our own personal health, when there is a pest problem, we tend to focus only on the immediate problem. Many pests continue to breed and stay active year round. In fact, a home usually becomes more vulnerable to pest pressure pushing inside when it cools down. Combine this with the fact that each season also presents a wave of new seasonal pest problems, and the need for continued pest service on a home becomes critical.