Spring Pests To Watch Out For

As the warm weather returns so do pests. Spring marks the peak of pest season as pest come out of their hiding spots and begin mating. Pests invade your home and affect the safety of your family. Here a list of pests to watch out for this Spring.

  • Termites – These pests can be found on the ground, in wood, or wood by products such as paper. Since termites usually remain out of sight they can pose a huge threat to your homes infrastructure.
  • Ticks – As you begin adventuring outside you will find ticks hiding in heavily wooded areas. Ticks can jump on exposed areas of your skin without you noticing. If you go hiking check yourself for ticks after to make sure you don’t bring any home with you.
  • Flies –  These are the most common spring pest that can be quite bothersome. Flies are most active during the day and are naturally attracted to the carbon dioxide humans and animals expel.
  • Fire Ants – These pests build large nests above the ground in any soil, especially in areas that are sunny such as parks or lawns.
  • Wasps – They begin building their nests and hives in the summer months and are often found around roofs, trees, and bushes.

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