Protect Yourself From Thieves Posing as Pest Control Workers

Beautiful Exterior of New Luxury Home at TwilightAcross several states this year, a number of homes have been sadly burglarized by individuals posing a pest control workers or pest management technician. The specific techniques have varied, but a more recent method has included a pair of con artists working in tandem. One man and one woman will take turns approaching homeowners and attempting to sell pest control service. However, the other person will study the property itself plus the schedule patterns of the people living there. The pair then returns at a later time to make off with valuables when no one is home. They note homes with dogs to avoid later.

Other scams include the homeowner being taken on an inspection of the outside property areas while a partner slips inside a door that’s been left open. ¬†Whatever the manner it occurs, the intent is to use the target’s concern about potential pest damage to lower their defenses and gain access or information they can use for the crime itself. With this in mind, here are ways you can better safeguard your property.

Protect Your Home from Con Artists


1. Get Local Referrals

If a pest management company is a known quantity in your community, it is likely they’ve gained a trustworthy reputation over the years. Rather than receive unsolicited pest control offers, research the options yourself, both online and by word-of-mouth with any neighbors.

2. Know Your Pest Company

If you already have pest control services visiting on a regular or semi-regular basis, take the time to get to know at least some members of the team. Recognize their uniform, vehicles, and procedures so you don’t fall prey to a stranger simply claiming to be one of their technicians.

3. Secure Your Home

Oftentimes, these crimes have been committed thanks to windows or doors left open or unsecured. Simply by taking steps to keep the property properly locked (especially when absent from it), you can discourage any intruders or theft attempts.

4. Check the Better Business Bureau

The BBB provides great resources on pest management companies, monitoring them for unseemly behavior or warning when an area might be targeted by thieves. Don’t take anything for granted or assume someone who presents themselves as a professional actually is one. For instance, see how OmniShield provided excellent service and our clients took the time to leave a great review of the experience. Use an authoritative platform like BBB to double-check their claims or get in touch with their manager to confirm they are working for the stated pest control company.

And OmniShield is doing much more to keep its communities and clients protected. Our staff shirts and hats, as well as our vehicles are clearly identified by our logo and name. Plus you can contact us directly via our website and talk to a friendly representative who can answer all your questions and concerns.

Contact OmniShield today to learn more about safe and protected pest management.