Pests Pose Hazards for Outdoor Workers

Every day, millions of employees go to work in occupations that involve the outdoors to some degree or another. Whether they’re neighborhood technicians, sanitation workers, engineers, transportation managers, or even just regular office employees seeking to enjoy a change of scenery in warmer weather–all of these ¬†risk exposing themselves to a number of pest threats, not only negatively impacting their focus and productivity but their health as well. Aside from smaller animal pests such as venomous snakes, other pest exposure can come from rodents and insects as well.
HSometimes these pest exposures are unavoidable, but there are certainly ways managers can work to ensure their employees are kept as safe as possible from pest problems. Otherwise it’s not just employee satisfaction and morale on the line, but also the potential for the company to pay out on health benefits or even be sued over unfortunate circumstances involving damage caused by pests. So what can you do to protect your employees from pests while they work outdoors?

Outdoor Worker Pest Protection


1. Practice Pest Awareness

A major first step is simply being aware of potential pests in the areas your employees are working. What seasonal insects will be present during commutes, or have there been any local reports of pests problems you should alert your teams about?

2. Educate Employees

Once you know what pests might cause problems for your outdoors workers, inform them. Let them know the threats they may be facing and teach them exactly what they can do to prevent pest exposure or at least minimize the risk.

3. Engage Emergency Policies

Have official company procedures in place to deal with a pest emergency. This way, even if a pest management professional isn’t in the area, any harmful encounters can be dealt with in the proper manner, including getting any employees involved the appropriate medical care as soon as possible.

4. Consider Pesticide Alternatives

The instinct when dealing with pests is to reach for toxic pesticides or insecticides. However, these can also negatively impact employee health as well as make outdoor areas unfit for productive work. Look at non-toxic options such as bait traps or professional pest management before reaching for pesticides.

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