Celebrate Earth Day with Green Pest Control

Today is Earth Day, with environmentally focused events and celebrations being held all across the world. More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities, with more adding to that number each year.  Many such events include demonstrations of green an eco-friendly technologies, composting techniques, recycling methods, water conservation, and much more. On top of all this, green pest control methods are also in the spotlight. You can now take part in Earth Day celebrations by preferring and incorporating green pest control in your ongoing pest management efforts. F

What specific actions can you take as either a homeowner looking to protect their family from potentially toxic pest control or as a building manager trying to enforce green office regulations? The main Earth Day organization has a wide variety of resources  you can use to learn how to be proactive when it comes to green and clean living and pest control.

Steps for Green Pest Control


1. Raise Green Awareness

Take time to sit down with your family or office team and inform them about Earth Day and the importance of green pest control–as well as generally green living. Green pest control as well as environmentally friendly lifestyles should be encouraged year-round. This is just the perfect opportunity to highlight the worldwide effort.

2. Reconsider Traditional Pesticides

If you purchase pesticides to use in your home, dealing with wasps, ants, termites, or other undesirables, don’t jump right to the usual options. Research green pesticide alternatives that can be just as effective without creating a more toxic environment in your home or office building.

3. Connect with Green Certified Pest Technicians

Contact your local pest control and ask if they have resources you could access to learn more about comprehensive green pest control. Also, don’t hesitate to determine if your preferred pest management company is certified to offer green pest control options.

4. Employ Mechanical Pest Control

Many urban and suburban pests can be repelled or removed from the property via mechanical means, such as barriers, sealants, traps, and similar. This approach to green pest control allows for reduction in pest populations without bringing in unwanted chemicals and other hazardous substances.

Contact OmniShield today to learn about the many green pest control alternatives we provide.

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