Termites to Impact Real Estate Investments

If you are a Realtor or anyone involved in the real estate market, it is time to take notice of a worrying pest problem: according to current reports, termites are going to cause over $5 billion in property damages this year alone. Especially now as Spring arrives across the country, dormant colonies are waking up and causing invisible structural degradation that may go unnoticed by homeowners until it’s too late. If you are looking to protect your real estate investments and provide homeowners with the support and service they expect from you, then it is critical to begin managing termite presence immediately. H

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has officially advised real estate professionals to be vigilant in seeking out and eradicating termite infestations in order to minimize the destructive impact these pests can have. This means not only being aware of and familiar with signs of termite presence, but also knowing the steps to take when termites are detected.

Protect Properties From Termites


1. Hold a Termite Inspection

Most (though not all) property sales and dealings involve a required termite inspection. It is essential to ensure this is done properly, as no one wishes to purchase a property already infested by termites or suffering from past damage by them. Get a full report from the inspector and take the necessary steps they recommend.

2. Investigate Property History

While termites may not be currently present in a property, that doesn’t mean they haven’t already taken on structural compromise from old colonies. Look for dried-out mud tubes and be sure to have wooden elements tested for weakened spots that might necessitate repairs. Pull up property reports to determine if it has been treated for termites in the past.

3. Be Aware of Spring Surges

Warm weather can bring termite colonies back to life rather quickly as they breed and swarm through a neighborhood. Be aware of  when your real estate clients are purchasing a home and proactively defend your properties against enlivening colonies or swarmers attempting to establish new ones.

4. Repair Vulnerable Properties

Termites more easily infest homes that have structural faults, such as cracks in the walls and foundation, gaps in windows and doors, or other ingress points. Repair leaking pipes to avoid moisture build-up and tend to the landscape so termites do not gain access via encroaching foliage.

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