Pest Control During Corporate Holidays

Even the hardest office worker enjoys the holidays. There are corporate holiday parties, treats in the break room, gift exchanges, and—alongside everything else—it gives them a chance to take an end- or beginning-of-the-year vacation to see family and friends. Emails and phone calls get put on hold for just a little while so people can relax and enjoy the Christmas and New Year’s season. At the same time, if companies aren’t careful, holiday vacations are prime times for pest infestations in the office. Woman was frightened drawn cockroach

During corporate holidays, there aren’t as many people in the office environment on a regular basis, which creates an opening for pests to move in and make trouble. This holds true whether you run a purely administrative business, with employees operating in cubicles, or a larger warehouse with stacks of supplies and long aisles to be navigated. Here are ways to keep your work space pest-free during this season.

Office Pest Control During the Holidays

1. Clean Out Desks

If employees are going on vacation at all, be sure they clean out their desks of any food items or other potential pest snacks before they go. If an employee leaves food or drink behind, not only can it spoil, but it can attract a wide variety of pests to the space and give them a foothold in the corporate environment.

2. Manage the Break Room

Another major potential pest area is the office break room, or whatever space is used for lunch, office downtimes, or meeting areas. Meals and snack are often kept here, and if these are left untended for days or weeks at a time, they can draw pests big and small into the work space. Regularly clean out the company fridge, because even if it’s sealed, odors from spoiling food will act as signals to pests that potential sustenance is available.

3. Invest in a Good Janitor

If your building will be empty at times over the holidays, it can be helpful to ensure a janitor will come in at least every other day just to sweep up, empty trash cans, clean desks, and otherwise keep the place sanitary for when employees return. This kind of ongoing maintenance will go a long ways toward corporate pest control.

Beyond all these steps, it’s also important to have your offices and company building come under regular inspection by an official pest control inspector. If you don’t want to disrupt the work environment, having a pest inspector out when employees are away for the holidays is the perfect time to do so—and you’ll be able to start the post-holiday season knowing your office is pest- free.

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