Are there more than presents hiding under your Christmas tree?

We’ve talked about how Christmas trees can possibly introduce outdoor pests into your home. The same holds true for Christmas decorations, especially those stored in cardboard boxes (compared to securely fastened plastic bins). Christmas parties are another potential hazard, especially if they’re not cleaned-up from quickly enough, letting garbage and crumbs become tempting food sources that bring pests into your home. All of these things can be prevented with proper observation of sanitation and pest prevention.


On top of all this, there is one other holiday tradition that can become a troublesome source of pest problems: Christmas gifts.

How to Secure Christmas Gifts from Pests

1. Store Presents Safely

The tendency is to put Christmas gifts out beneath the tree as early as possible, building anticipation and excitement until the opening ceremony Christmas Day. However, the wrapping paper and cardboard many gifts come in are certainly digestible to termites, roaches, and other pests. Consider keeping gifts safely stored in clean cupboards or closets most of the month rather than sitting out, offering an easily accessible pest food source.

2. Don’t Wrap Edible Gifts

If any of your gifts have candy or food in them, this can be detected and burrowed into by many pests—such as rodents that will nibble into containers to get to the sweet stuff. Keep edible presents stored similarly to your regular foodstuffs until it’s time to hand it over to the recipient.

3. Reconsider Gifting Plants

Many people love to give beautiful plants for the holidays. While they can make great gifts, they can also have pesky hitchhikers hiding out on the stems, leaves, or petals. If you do gift a plant, be sure to inspect and wash it thoroughly before handing it over.

4. Keep Tree Water Fresh

If you have a real Christmas tree, keep the water in the stand freshened daily. Stagnant water can attract pests that feed on the scummy surface and can cause them to cluster in the presents surrounding the stand itself.

Are the Christmas presents stored under your tree potential pest lures? While they certainly look appealing, you may want to reconsider putting and leaving them out for the majority of the Christmas season. Extra clutter around the home is an excellent way to encourage the growth of pest populations—and you don’t want to be cleaning up an infestation along with all the wrapping paper and ribbons after Christmas Day has come and gone.

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