Keep Your Holiday Party Pest Free

One of the best things about the holiday season is the times family and friends are able to spend together at Christmas parties. However, if your home is currently experiencing any issues with pest infestations, you might find the holiday spirit is a bit dampened by sanitation concerns and the potential spreading of disease.

FIt isn’t uncommon to see a sudden spike in the number of ants, cockroaches, and other party-crashing pests as they come indoors seeking warm shelter and sources of food. But you don’t have to let these pests ruin the festivities.

How to reduce pests during holiday parties

1. Seal Your Food

It’s quite common for people to have cookies, candy, and other treats out in the house during the holidays, especially if you’re entertaining visiting friends and family members. Open sources of food, though, can quickly attract a wide variety of pests. Be sure to store away food and snacks when they’re not needed, preferably in plastic, tightly sealed containers.

2. Clean Up Quickly

Don’t let your garbage sit around for too long. Once it starts getting full, take it outside so the smell doesn’t bring pests indoors. After a party is over, take the time to clean the area, sweeping up potential crumbs or wiping up spilled drinks to avoid luring hungry creatures inside.

3. Inspect Your Plants

If you have any potted plants that bring a bit of green and vibrancy to your home, recognize they may have certain bugs clinging to the leaves and stems. Spray the plants down when you water them to check for insects that should be removed before they get the chance to breed across your home.

4. Inspect Your Decorations

In the same fashion as Christmas tree ornaments, holiday decorations may play host to numerous pests. As you’re getting decorations out for the party, inspect them for insects or critters before hanging them around the home.

If you have a big holiday party that’s going to be held in your home, be sure pest inspections and preventative measures are part of the party prep checklist. Better yet, have a professional pest technician visit your home at least a week before the party and do a thorough inspection to make sure the event will be pest-free.

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