Holiday Decorations can be Hidden Pest Homes

Moving beyond the Christmas tree and its ornaments, many other holiday decorations around the house can act as pest homes, causing you trouble that lasts well beyond the New Year. Especially as people are getting craftier about their Christmas decorations, they will often use more natural materials including pine cones, branches, and pine needles they pick up from their own yard or nearby woods. That’s not to mention the possibility of pests hiding out in Christmas decoration storage boxes that haven’t been touched since last year.S

Eliminate Holiday Decoration Pest Homes

1. Inspect for Pest Symptoms

It can be tempting to try and get the home holiday decorating over as quickly as possible so you can sit back and enjoy the cheery atmosphere. However, you should take the time to inspect all decorations before they go up in case you spot signs of them being gnawed, filled with droppings, or quite literally crawling with tiny pests.

2. Protect Natural Materials

If you do want to incorporate pine cones, branches, or other outdoors materials in your Christmas decorating, baking them on a foil-lined try for 30 minutes can help kill off any pests along for the ride. Adding some color with glittery spray paint is another way to coat and protect them from become future pest homes.

3. Avoid Food-Based Decorations

Do you string gingerbread, popcorn, or cherries around the house? Perhaps you prefer a bit of potpourri for lovely holiday scents (which can attract weevils). While charming, all of these are potential pest food sources. Avoiding these can reduce pest presence significantly. If you do include them, string them up high where rodents can’t reach.

4. Replace Storage Containers

When it comes time to take down the decorations, remove your old cardboard or wooden boxes that can easily be eaten through and replace them with plastic containers that have tightly sealing lids.

5. Remove Decorations Promptly

Once Christmas is over, some people leave their decorations hanging for weeks beyond the holiday. The longer the decorations stay up—especially ones made from real garland, pine needles, branches, etc.—the more they pose a potential pest hazard. Take these decorations down promptly to eliminate any tempting pest homes.

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