What Types of Christmas Ornaments Attract Pests in Your Home?

We discussed how, unfortunately, Christmas trees are potential sources of pests during the holidays, but what about the actual ornaments you’re placing on the tree itself? Could some of these be acting to attract pests into your home, even if the tree itself was free and clear when you brought it inside? Absolutely.

Part of the trouble can come from the materials certain ornaments are made from, either being edible or having particular scents that attract pests during the holidays. This is exacerbated by the length of time many people leave holiday ornaments hanging, giving pests weeks, if not months of potential indoor lures to respond to.

Keep Ornaments from Attracting Pests

1. Inspect Before Hanging

If you keep your Christmas tree ornaments in cardboard boxes or other simple containers during the rest of the year, spiders, weevils, and other pests often reside inside. As you bring out your ornaments, inspect the boxes and each piece to make sure no unexpected hitchhikers are coming along.


2. Consider Alternative Materials

Certain materials tend to attract pests more than others, such as wooden ornaments, gingerbread baked ornaments, clay ornaments, or even real wax ornaments. Other crafty ornaments such made from cardboard, paper, or the like can also attract pests. If you’re worried about pests during the holidays, consider replacing these ornaments with plastic, glass, or other sterile materials that can look just as dazzling while remaining pest neutral.

3. Hang Pest-Repellant Ornaments

Visit your local hardware store or consult with a pest-control technician to discover what small electronic, scent, or other small pest repellent items can help drive pests from your home. Then string one or two of these up in the depths of your Christmas tree where they can easily create pest-free zones (without being visible and detracting from your decorating scheme).

4. Store in Pest-Free Containers

After the holiday season, when it’s time to tuck the ornaments back away, consider replacing your old cardboard boxes with better-sealed, anti-pest containers that will keep them from becoming nests or sources of future infestations. It’s an investment that will pay off with peace of mind.

If all else fails and you’re still struggling with pest presence due to Christmas tree infestations or ornaments that attract pests to your home, it may be time to bring in an expert pest technician. Be sure to get regular home pest inspections throughout the year in order to get and remain free from any pest presence that could hamper your holiday spirit.

Contact OmniShield today to speak to a pest control expert and determine the best way to keep your home protected during the holidays and beyond.