How to Escape from Summertime Pests

How to escape summertime pests

Protect your family against the threat of summertime pests.

Especially after a long cold winter, summertime is a welcome reprieve. Activities are more festive, we spend more time outside enjoying nature, our family members and friends stop by more often for visits—and then there are pesky summertime pests. Don’t let these unwelcome visitors ruin your summer fun and family get-togethers, instead follow these tips for escaping summertime pests.


Mosquitoes carry disease and cause pain, discomfort and sometimes infection from mosquito bites. The diseases don’t only afflict humans, but also put your pets at risk. According to the American Mosquito Control Association mosquitoes carry dog heartworm, West Nile virus (WNV) and Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE). For added protection, ensure there is no standing water around your house and yard, like puddles or pots filled with water.

June Bugs:

June Bugs are adult beetles and begin to emerge in the spring. The adult male beetles are extremely attracted to lights. Females aren’t as attracted to lights and tend to tunnel into the soil to deposit their eggs. Their favorite food is Bermudagrass and St. Augustine grass and in a matter of days, their activity can cause the grass to turn yellow and die. Protect your lawn with regular green and clean pest control.


Ants aren’t only prevalent in the summertime, but activities, like picnics and barbecues, draw the attention of ants. Ants follow food, and whether the food is outside on the patio or grilling area or in your kitchen, ants will create and follow a path to find it. In addition to regular green and clean pest control to ensure eating areas aren’t doused with dangerous chemicals, follow a few tips for preventing an ant problem. Be sure to keep cooking areas and the surrounding floors clean during and immediately after use. Discard uneaten food or store it in seal-tight containers. Wipe all surface areas clean with soap and water.


Cockroaches are another year round pest that loves the summertime, and primarily like ants, they are looking for food. They are a dangerous pest because they carry serious diseases like salmonella, dysentery, and gastroenteritis. According to the Center for Disease Control cockroaches can provoke allergic reactions and may be agents of many drug-resistant pathogens. What’s worse, is for the ones you actually see, there are potentially hundreds more hiding in the walls and other areas of the home. Prevent an infestation of cockroaches with regular pest control, and maintain a pest-free environment by cleaning up thoroughly after meals and outings. Clean the home, furniture, and storage areas regularly. Remember, even the cleanest homes get cockroaches, so maintaining regular pest control is paramount to prevention.

If you have your pest problem under control, head out and enjoy a fun activity. If you are not sure about your home, give our office a call and take advantage of a free home inspection.

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