Is Pest Control Really Necessary Year Round?

Everyone knows how bothersome home pests can be during those pleasant picnic and bbq times of the year. But what about when we humans are huddled inside keeping warm? Surely there can’t be a need to control those same pests during these cold months, can there? After all, you rarely ever see them hanging out around your home like you do doing the spring and summer. However, there may be more lurking around than you would expect.

So what do pests do when the weather gets cold? The same thing we do, they try to find a warm spot to hide! Unfortunately, your home is the most consistent and convenient place to find this warmth, and since pests have spent thousands of years perfecting the ability to hide from bigger predators they find a way to hide from you as well. This is where it pays to have a professional on hand. With years of bug hunting under their belt they can accurately pinpoint the harboring areas of these covert critters and help you work toward clearing bugs from your home.

Is pest control really needed year round? Absolutely. Don’t let all that hard work you did during the warmer months be for naught by allowing the intruders a warm refuge. Often times we’ll get a call in the middle of the winter with snow on the ground asking where in the world these ants are coming from? You may also be able to cash in on savings because winter months tend to be a bit slower for pest control companies so many of them offer their biggest discounts during this time. Call now for a free quote and to see what discounts are going on in your neighborhood.

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